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If you or someone you know is suffering from any sort of brain related injury or symptom feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help, and so are a lot of other kind people. 

Warriors Choice

The Warriors Choice is a 501(c)(19) Veteran Foundation providing veterans- and dependents with “It’s Your Choice” of adaptive residential programs focused on streamlining coordinated, comprehensive and rehabilitative services individually tailored for the veteran at no cost.

Warriors Choice Foundation will serve the needs of Veterans, who recently served in Iraq and Afghanistan suffering from PTSD, mental illness and related substance abuse disorders, by collaborating with them toward mental and physical wellness.

Warrior Avs Sled Hockey


The Colorado Sled Hockey Warriors strive to build a community of support improving the quality of life for Veterans with disabilities by promoting good physical, emotional and mental well-being through sled hockey. We are a Veteran team who encourages Veterans with disabilities to get back out into the community and work together to overcome physical and mental barriers out on the ice. Our program encourages Veterans to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Our players have a  variety of physical injuries, and many were sidelined with pain and depression. Being able to play on a team sport once again has improved their core body strength and balance, decreased pain, and opened up a new world of sports and activities.


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Cannabidiol (CBD) can help Traumatic Brain Injuries, Depression and More…

CBD has shown to provide a neuroprotective effect and limit brain damage following a traumatic brain injury.
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Boulder Hemp – Discounts for Parker’s Platoon 

Boulder Hemp is a small collective of scientists and innovators, dedicated to providing access to hemp, and driving scientific hemp research forward. They offer products for sale online.